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5 Cool Designs Ideas for a Rooftop Patio Bar

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Dreaming of transforming your rooftop into a vibrant social hub? A well-designed rooftop patio bar can offer stunning views and a place to unwind with friends and family. This guide dives into five creative themes to inspire your rooftop bar design, along with a step-by-step process for building your bar using Bison's innovative adjustable pedestal and tile system.

Theme Ideas for Your Rooftop Patio Bar

Here are five potential themes to get your creative juices flowing:

Urban Oasis: Create a sanctuary amidst the city with natural elements like wood, stone, and plenty of greenery. Incorporate potted plants, vertical gardens, and hanging baskets for a lush and calming atmosphere. Offer cozy lounge areas with soft seating and small tables for intimate conversations. String lights and lanterns add a touch of magic for a truly cozy ambiance.

rooftop patio bar with greenery

Tropical Escape: Transport your guests to paradise with a vibrant color scheme and tropical plants like palm trees and ferns. Bamboo and rattan furniture create a relaxed island vibe.  Hammocks, swing chairs, and comfortable lounge chairs invite guests to relax and soak up the sun. Tiki torches and colorful lanterns complete the theme, while a thatched-roof tiki bar becomes the centerpiece of your tropical paradise.

Modern Chic: Embrace a sleek and sophisticated style with a focus on clean lines and a neutral color palette. Pops of color add a touch of personality. Metal and glass furniture create a contemporary look, while high tables and bar stools encourage socializing. Modern pendant lights and LED strip lights add a touch of modern flair. Consider incorporating a rooftop fire pit or a sleek water wall for a captivating focal point.

Vintage Vibes: Take a trip down memory lane with a retro-inspired theme. Metal chairs, wooden tables, and vintage signs create a nostalgic atmosphere. A mix of booth seating and classic bar stools offers comfortable options for guests. Edison bulbs and neon signs add additional vintage charm. For an extra dose of fun, include a vintage photo booth for guests to capture memories.

Mediterranean Retreat: Channel the laid-back charm of the Mediterranean with light, airy colors, terracotta pots, wrought iron furniture, and mosaic tiles. Comfortable seating with cushions and low tables creates a relaxed vibe. Consider incorporating an open-air pergola with climbing vines for a touch of romance.

These themes are simply starting points – feel free to adapt them to your specific space and clientele to create a one-of-a-kind rooftop haven.

Building Your Dream Rooftop Patio Dining Area and Bar

Now that you're brimming with inspiration, let's explore how to build your dream rooftop bar using Bison's adjustable pedestal and tile systems. These systems are designed for stability, durability, and a seamless aesthetic finish.

Here's a breakdown of the process:

Planning and Design:

  • Feasibility Study: Consult a structural engineer to ensure your roof can support the additional weight of the bar plus the Bison system and any accessories.
  • Permits and Regulations: Obtain necessary permits and comply with local building codes.
  • Design Layout: Plan the layout of your bar area, including seating areas, bar location, and any additional features like planters or pergolas. Bison's design team can assist you with the layout for the pedestal support system.


  • Roof Surface: Ensure your roof surface is clean, level, and in good condition. Repair any damage and address waterproofing and drainage needs.
  • Material Calculation: Determine the number of Bison pedestals and tiles required based on your layout. Factor in extra materials for cuts and waste.

Bison Pedestal Installation:

  • Grid Layout: Mark a grid on the roof where the pedestals will be placed, corresponding to the size of your tiles.
  • Placing Pedestals: Place Bison adjustable pedestals on the marked grid points and adjust their height to create a level surface, even on sloped roofs.
  • Leveling: Use a spirit level to ensure each pedestal is level and fine-tune adjustments as needed.

Deck Tile Installation:

  • Tile Placement: Begin laying tiles from one corner, ensuring they fit snugly onto the pedestal heads.
  • Securing Tiles: Secure each tile according to Bison's video instructions [link to Bison's rooftop deck tile installation video on YouTube].
  • Cutting Tiles: Use a saw (while wearing appropriate safety gear) to cut tiles for edges and corners, ensuring a smooth and precise fit.

Furnishing and Decor:

  • Furniture: Choose weather-resistant furniture that complements your theme. Arrange seating areas, tables, and stools according to your layout plan.
  • Shade and Shelter: Install umbrellas, pergolas, or awnings for shade, ensuring they are securely attached and can withstand wind and weather.


  • Lighting Fixtures: Install outdoor-rated lighting fixtures like string lights, lanterns, or LED strips to create ambiance.

Final Touches and Maintenance:

Don't forget the finishing touches! Add planters with lush greenery to create a welcoming atmosphere, but keep weight in mind to avoid straining the structure. Incorporate decorative elements that reflect your theme, whether it's signage for your tropical escape or vintage artwork for your retro haven.  

Safety is paramount, so ensure all railings, non-slip surfaces, and fire safety equipment are in place. Finally, remember that upkeep is key. Regular inspections should be conducted to maintain the stability of the Bison system and its overall structure. Routinely clean tiles, check furniture and decor for wear and tear, and ensure everything is in tip-top shape to keep your rooftop oasis thriving for years to come.

By following these steps and utilizing Bison's innovative adjustable pedestal and tile system, you can transform your rooftop into a stylish and functional rooftop patio bar – the perfect place to gather, entertain, and soak up the city views. Remember, this guide offers a foundation –  contact Bison today and we’ll help you personalize your space and let your creativity soar! 

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