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Choosing Rooftop Deck Furniture for Commercial Buildings

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Rooftop decks are becoming increasingly popular for commercial buildings, offering a great outdoor space for employees and clients to enjoy. But when it comes to furnishing your rooftop deck, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Let’s break down some tips for choosing the right rooftop deck furniture that will make your space an inviting and comfortable place to spend time. 

Think About Your Intended Use 

The most important thing when selecting furniture for your rooftop deck is to think about function. Do you plan on using the space primarily as a breakroom or employee lounge? Or do you envision it being used as a gathering spot during special events or meetings? Knowing what kind of activities will take place on your rooftop deck will help determine which type of furniture you need. 

Choose Furniture With Durability in Mind  

Longevity is an important consideration when purchasing furniture for your rooftop deck. Since the furnishings will be exposed to the elements all year round, look for pieces that are designed specifically for outdoor use. Look for materials such as wrought iron, powder-coated aluminum and synthetic wicker—all of which offer superior protection from wind, rain and sun exposure. Additionally, choose cushions with UV-resistant fabrics so they don’t fade over time due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. 

Make Sure the Pieces Are Comfortable 

In addition to looking stylish, your rooftop deck furniture should also be comfortable enough that people actually want to sit in it! Look for pieces with plush cushions and plenty of support in order to ensure comfort while enjoying some fresh air on the roof deck. You can also opt for pieces with adjustable backrests or armrests if you anticipate hosting events on the roof—this way guests can recline comfortably while conversing with others or taking in the view. 

Sometimes, simplicity is best. Our customer love our wood cubes for rooftop seating.

When outfitting your rooftop deck with furniture, there are many factors to consider—from intended use and durability concerns to comfort issues. By taking these into account when selecting pieces you’ll end up with furnishings that both look great and stand up against whatever Mother Nature throws their way!

With careful consideration, you’ll be able to create an inviting outdoor space that employees and clients alike can enjoy all year round.

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